PLM builds race car driver's brands.

We do this through our custom designed websites, social media + professional photography - specifically for race car drivers.


Trusted with showcasing the brand name of some of the world's leading race car drivers, PLM allows them to do what they do best ... just race.

We work directly with the driver and their race team to showcase their talents off the track.

Our services include:

  • professional CUSTOM DESIGNED website design specifically for racing drivers

  • social media updates AND INTERACTION

  • internationally award wining professional photography

  • sponsorship opportunities

  • professional media training and handouts

For further information please contact: www.pitlanem.com

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Simon Fallon offers a genuinely exciting, innovative and long term opportunity for any corporate business or brand to showcase, advertise and promote your company.

Already a winner on many levels, the future is bright for this rising talent of Australian motorsport.

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